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The Commission

Welcome to FWC Commission Meetings

The Florida Constitution authorizes the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to enact rules and regulations regarding the state's fish and wildlife resources. To do this, the 7 FWC Commissioners meet 5 times each year to hear staff reports, consider rule proposals and conduct other Commission business.

Stakeholder input is an important part of the FWC Commission meeting process. Because of this, FWC schedules Commission meetings at different locations across the state and offers individuals the opportunity to address the Commission about issues under consideration. FWC welcomes participation at these meetings from all stakeholders.

This section of connects you to all you need to know about Commission meetings including schedules, agendas, minutes and other information.


Speaker Registration Guidelines:

If you wish to speak during one of the public commenting opportunities, please complete the electronic registration process on-site at the meeting. FWC staff members are available at the registration table to assist you as needed.

To accommodate as much input as possible from those attending the Commission Meeting, the Chairman reserves the right to designate the amount of time given to a topic or speaker. Speakers will be asked to direct their comments to the agenda item being discussed. For Items Not on the Agenda, comments will not be accepted on topics that are scheduled to be heard as an agenda item.

Please be aware of the following FWC public speaking guidelines. By registering to speak, you agree to follow these guidelines.

Unless otherwise directed by the FWC Chairman or Vice Chairman:

  • Each speaker may be allotted up to three (3) minutes to speak on any one agenda item. When the total commenting time period may be limited for agenda items, that will be shown on the meeting agenda or announced at the meeting.
  • Speakers must register for the item they wish to speak on prior to the beginning of the staff presentation on that topic.
  • Speakers who are registered to speak will have their names called by the Vice Chairman during the designated public comment time for each agenda topic.
  • Speakers are responsible for being in the Commission Meeting room when their name is called. Failure to respond when your name is called may result in loss of opportunity to comment on that topic.
  • Displays such as signs, props, presentations, and recordings generally are not permitted in the meeting room. Please see registration desk staff for assistance.
  • Speakers may provide handouts for FWC Commissioners prior to speaking:
    • Please prepare 11 copies of the information you wish to provide, clearly labeled with your name and the agenda item on each front page.
    • When registering to speak, let staff at the registration table know that you wish to provide handouts for the Commissioners. They will ensure the materials are ready to distribute when it is your turn to speak.
    • Registration staff are unable to print, copy or provide other office supplies or services for these information packets.