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Public Comments/Workshops

Public Comments

We want to hear from you. Find out what saltwater topics FWC is currently discussing and submit your comments on saltwater fisheries management items. 


Public Workshops

Division of Marine Fisheries Management workshops help staff gather important public input on marine fisheries issues for potential rulemaking. All workshops are open to the public.

Written public comments can also be submitted to [email protected] or on the public comments page.

Upcoming Public Workshops

Advisory Boards and Workgroups

Workgroups or advisory boards help gather public comment on complex marine fisheries issues for potential rulemaking. 

Currently, there are no active marine fisheries advisory boards or workgroups. 

To request information about previous advisory boards or workgroups, email [email protected].

Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission's statutes, rules, and laws book

History of Rule

View an alphabetical summary of all the Marine Fisheries Commission (MFC) and, subsequently, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) rules that have been adopted since the MFC's inception in 1983 and the FWC's creation in 1999.  Many of these rules have been amended or modified numerous times.  Therefore, note effective dates for the most recent action.  The full text of all marine fisheries rules are listed in Chapter 68B of the Florida Administrative Code (FAC).