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Enroll in Summer Camp Today

Enroll you kids in our wonderful summer camp programs offered throughout the state.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is committed to introducing educators, youth, adults, and families to exciting ways they can learn more about our diverse fish and wildlife resources. But, it's not just about learning, it's about getting outside and having fun, too.

We believe that current and future generations of Floridians are more likely to aid in the protection and enhancement of these resources if they understand and appreciate them, and that children and adults who spend time outdoors learn to love and better understand Florida's unique and varied environment.

Through education or recreation experiences people can become more interested in knowing the role they play in conserving our resources. With that knowledge, they may become better stewards of the land and our fish and wildlife resources, making more informed choices about their daily activities and helping influence others to cherish and enhance our natural heritage.

Want a Career in Conservation?

Meet a Scientist - Fish and Wildlife Research Institute scientists answer questions about their schooling and areas of research. An interview with different researcher is featured every quarter.

Get your feet wet with an internship.  College students and postgraduates can gain hands-on experience and mentoring in biological science or associated fields while working with our researchers. Internships are generally three to four months in length. Location of study will vary based upon current opportunities. 

How about a career in fish and wildlife law enforcement? Read about the requirements, application process and training programs.